create a landscaping website

10 Easy ways you can create a landscaping website

A landscaping website makes your website professional and that website will help for marketing on the internet that you can get more trust from clients.SO today we will learn how to create a landscaping website in WordPress with ease step by step. In this article we will discuss :

  1. purchase Domain and hosting
  2. install WordPress in domain
  3. choose WordPress theme
  4. Install Elementor Plugin
  5. Import Theme File
  6. customize theme
  7. Edit image and text
  8. setup contact from
  9. all link with homepage
  10. index webiste into google,bing done

1.Purchase Domain and Hosting for create a landscaping website :

Without a domain, you can’t create a landscaping website so first, you need to choose a domain then hosting. Domain means that represent your business with this domain you need to select carefully. i can buy domain and hosting ?

So many sites provide domain hosting.I prefer to use Bluehost  because they provide good support and also cheap rate domain and hosting you can simply but from this button

2.How to configure domain and hosting?

If You buy and domain and hosting from Bluehost then Bluehost automatically configure so no need worry

3.If I buy a domain from another company then how I can configure it?

You can simply take Bluehost nameserver and input its domain company nameserver. You can go to this link to get a nameserver in Bluehost click here

If you don’t understand and want technical support we are here for you please contact us we will help you


2. Install WordPress in Hosting for create a landscaping website:

1.After Purchase Bluehost hosting then go to my site then click create site
2. after clicking creates site then add your admin username and password. Fill up all forms and try to add a strong password for your website after setup is done click again on my sites.Thats very important for create a landscaping website
3. then go manage sites and click login to WordPress
4. Done WordPress install done.

choose WordPress theme :

For create a landscaping website installing your WordPress then You need to add your theme. First, need to purchase a theme for the landscaping business

I suggest you to install Astra theme that you can use for your landscaping website

How I can install the Theme?

1.The first hover on appearance then click theme
2.After clicking add a new theme and search Astra and install and active it

4. Install and active Elementor Plugin

1.First, Hover plugin menu then click add new
2.Search Elementor install and active it

same way install :

  • ElementsKit Lite
  • Premium Addons for Elementor
  • OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor
  • Essential Addons for Elementor

5. Purchase Theme Import Theme File

Now need to purchase template best template you can buy from this link click here

After Purchase How To install :

  • Install and Activate the “Template Kit Import” plugin from Plugins > Add New in WordPress
  • Do not unzip
  • Go to Elements > Installed Kits and click the Upload Template Kit button.
  • Before importing a template, ensure the Install Requirements button is clicked to activate required plugins
  • For best results, do not import more than one template at a time.

6. customize theme

After import, you need to go page then hover any page which you want to edit then click edit with elementor After load complete you can edit .You can go to appearance>menu and add any page or post to the menu

7. Edit image and text:

After click edit with elementor you can edit text and image for your landscaping website and text and image must be Copywrite free content you can take image from picsabay or Freepic You can use this website free images that Copywrite free .Text must be about your lanscaping website details you need input

8.setup contact from :

First, install and active contact form 7 plugin then click Contact in WordPress menu then click add new you can add this code on your contact form blank field :

    <legend>Your Details</legend>
        <li>Name [text text-914]</li>
        <li>Email  [email* email-665]</li>
        <li>Phone [tel tel-931]</li>
        <li>Message [textarea textarea-568]</li>
        [submit "Send"]
        * Required

After add click save and click a contact in the WordPress menu then copy the shortcode

now go page>add new page>Add name contact Us > Edit With Elementor

after searching element dashboard shortcode then embed on a page add shortcode

9. Setup all link with homepage:

Go to Appearance > theme option > Header>then choose a menu style

go to homepage >click with elementor >add a link in button so that people can find easily

10. index website into google, Bing :

After the website is complete then install Yoast Plugin install and active it. Then go to google webmaster tool and Bing webmaster tool setup that you can follow this video tutorial

Done You’re Ready To go